Joint Savings for Couples

Practising joint savings as a couple

One of the important advantage couple’s enjoy in relationships is the opportunity to set and pursue goals together. Couples can achieve their financial goals faster by saving together. Buying a home, building capital to start a business and saving for the children’s university education are…   Read more »  

Aim & Fire, Bullseye

Aim & Fire, Bullseye

Delivering on the job consistently is tough work, especially when you’re struggling to make time to deal with all the issues on your plate. Here’s where you need an effective team to help you hit your targets. Teams are made up of people, with different…   Read more »  

Swimming or Nothing Else

“Mummy, can I go for ballet lessons with Ama after school?” little Naa asked her mother during traffic. Naa’s mother looked at her sternly before responding, “But aren’t you going for swimming lessons on the weekends? You started karate at the beginning of the year…   Read more »  

Mastering the Master’s

Kobby is going off to do his master’s this year, Nadia just finished her master’s dissertation and Elom saf has one more exam till he’s a certified Charted Accountant and you my dear friend are still with the company you did NSS with or you’ve…   Read more »