5 Great Reasons to Choose Savings Booster

Safe Investments, Great Returns

a. Savings Booster targets higher return than the 91 days Treasury bill.

b. Savings Booster invests in a Tier 3 Scheme regulated by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).

c. All investments and cash holdings are in the safe-keeping of the custodian, – Stanbic Bank

No restrictions on withdrawals

You can easily withdraw your funds at any time

No minimum deposit required

You can contribute any amount you want to activate your account

Easy tracking of your savings

a. Check your balance online 24/7

b. Receive SMS notifications each time your account is credited.

c. Receive quarterly statements by e-mail.

Secure a loan or mortgage with your savings

a. The funds in your Savings Booster account can serve as collateral, allowing you to secure a mortgage facility or a loan without disrupting the growth momentum of your investments.