It’s frustrating but true, there are those who always seemed to have one up on us; They knew how to easily access world-class education, knew people who mattered, never had to pay rent or go for a mortgage, etc. If you could, wouldn’t you give…   Read more »  


  A good career should make you happy, comfortable and optimistic about your future. So how do you make the career choices that land you in a place you want to be? Should you go back to school now or gain more work experience? Should…   Read more »  

7 Mondays make my week

“Uncle T, your stomach is coming out paa these days o”, Jennifer, the third lady to comment on my bulging belly this week, said. I haven’t gone for my morning walk in three weeks. The pressure is too much. Even on weekends I’m just too…   Read more »  

Life is not a panic attack

“Kwaku’s off to college in the US next week!” Aunty Pam, his proud mother, happily announces to the room with a big smile. “He’s been accepted at four top colleges, I’ve never been this happy.” Adwoa, my wife, turns to me with this look on…   Read more »  

Practising joint savings as a couple

One of the advantages couples enjoy in relationships is the opportunity to set and pursue goals together. Couples can achieve their financial goals faster by saving together. Buying a home, building capital to start a business and saving for the children’s university education are all…   Read more »  

Baby Steps to financial freedom

Living a life of financial freedom often starts with developing good financial habits and reinforcing them as you achieve small successes that spur you on to attain bigger successes. This is the idea that   underpins Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps as outlined in his book The…   Read more »