Mastering money in relationships

Money holds an important role among couples and can be a source of disagreement or unhappiness. Money when managed well can be a tool that builds intimacy and openness and can help couples achieve both their individual and shared goals speedily. Adopting these steps today…   Read more »  

The act of frugal living

Introduction to the art of frugal living

Living frugally is the key to developing a successful savings habit and achieving financial freedom. Frugal people know how to gain more from their financial resources while spending less. They manage to be less wasteful and more resourceful by striking a healthy balance between spending…   Read more »  

Best Career for Personality Type

The best careers for your personality type

Different personality types are suited to different careers and workplace roles. Employers are increasingly relying on such tests to determine suitability for roles in the workplace. Learning about this can help influence your career choice or your career progression pathways. It can also help you…   Read more »  

7 steps to a new fuller life

Dr Stephen Covey wrote about the character ethic, a set of habits and values that can help us all achieve lasting success, both outward and inward, in his book the 7 habits of highly effective people. Here are a few lessons from his book to…   Read more »